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Dologos - look the business do the business
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Our selected design samples mainly showcase logo designs for small to medium size business projects but also include corporate identity projects and logo designs for branding larger limited companies.

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ABOUT LOGO DESIGN : What makes a good business logo? You will need a visually appealing image that is both appropriate for your business sector and it's target audience - an identity that fits in with the expectancy and trends of the modern marketplace. It's essential that your logo (and business name) is a memorable one; a positive image that people can relate and respond to.

The need for simple yet original images makes logo design a very challenging graphic design discipline. Where small businesses go wrong is in making logos look over worked. Good logo designs are visually immediate and concise images. Even simple logos can look impressive in the context of where they appear, be it on a website or a company brochure...take a look at our own business logo!

Portfolio Samples
In addition to the samples here you may find other logos we
have designed in our stationery and print design galleries.

Business cards and flyers

We not only 'do logos' but also
do print and design for leaflets,
flyers and mail drop materials.

If you are looking for A6 postcard
flyers as mailing inserts or budget
A5 leaflets to promote your
business door-2-door, we've
got it covered for design & print.

Our prices INCLUDE delivery to
mainland UK & Northern Ireland!

View print and design prices

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